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During my time at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I was assigned to a group assignment. Essentially, we had to create our own clothing line using resources we learned throughout the semester. With the use of colored pencils, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator my group members and I created a swim suit clothing line. Since this was a group project, we were all assigned different tasks.


Shown on the left is the inspiration board I created for our clothing line. This project was introduced to us the day Coachella 2016 we definitely had those vibes in mind when choosing what merchandise we wanted sell. Instead of going the "basic boho chella vibe" route we were inspired with what the current trends were at the time...90s. More particular...90s video games. In the end we really thought it would be cool to use bright, vibrant colors, and patterns to showcase our theme. 

On the left is what envisioned for this project.. click below to see how it all turned out!

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